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Lockdown or get down to business?

COVID-19 has been the conversation-starter for over a month now and it has literally taken over the world. For us South Africans, us South Africans who love to socialise, exercise outdoor, play golf, kuier with our neighbours around a braai, this lockdown has really cramped our style. But what does it mean for business?

Here at Canelle Creative, everything happens digitally anyway, apart from the events of course, so we're used to strategising over emails and getting content approved over WhatsApp groups. What has changed is the time we spend in meetings, the time we spend getting to and from meetings. The days are now longer, there's more time, more time to do the actual important stuff and not just meet deadlines, because you have another status meeting tomorrow. We are really getting down to doing everything that's been on the to-do list for weeks. We even started rebuilding our website.

Now that the world has succumbed to a WFH environment and freaking out because they can't mentally cope with being trapped in the house all day, every day, we're saying let's use the time to regroup and rethink the way businesses function. And by function, we really mean we want to talk about how businesses market themselves.

Businesses who have built up a solid online presence and have a working digital strategy are now the ones reaping the fruits. They're the businesses seeing an increase in eye balls on their content, because everybody is stuck to their mobiles and laptop computers. We've seen two clients' Facebook pages shoot up to almost double the followers they had two months ago and we've seen engagement increase by almost 20%. It's real, it really is real. So we want to start with the basics...

Does your company have a Facebook page? Does it have an Instagram profile? Instagram can make even the most boring business look amazing. Does your business have a LinkedIn profile? If the answer is no, then it's time to get down to it. If the answer is yes, how are you making it work for you? Are you targeting the right audiences? When you ask yourself these digital abc's, it isn't hard to realise that you probably need help in this department. And I didn't write this to say 'contact us', but you know you should.

Happy Easter.

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